DISAMATIC D3Z moulding line

dimensions of the model plate 750x570

maximum capacity: 425 moulds per hour

The cores

are produced in hot-box technology

Production process

In order to meet the growing requirements of customers, the foundry develops by investing in new machines and competence development. In 2016, the company purchased the modern Disamatic D3 moulding line and an automatic OTTO JUNKER melting furnace with optical pouring control system. Investment in new machines allowed us to achieve excellent product quality and diversify sales directions.


The Disamatic D3Z moulding machine with chamber dimensions of 750×570 mm and a maximum operating speed of up to 425 moulds per hour in combination with the OTTO Junker automatic melting furnace ensure high productivity while maintaining high quality.

The weight of produced castings from 0.3 to 40 kg.

Melting plant

Two cupolas with automatic loading and process control system. Types of cast iron:

  • high phosphor cast iron P10, P14,
  • grey cast iron GJL150, GJL200, GJL250, GJL300


Cores are made in the hot-box technology using core shooters for medium and high volume products. Shell cores are made on Schalco rotary core shooters.


Casting treatment is carried out using two shot blasting machines and one pendant cleaning machine. After cleaning, the products are ground on stationary manual disc grinders and packed according to customer requirements.